A successful flavor gives a juice a unique identity that creates an emotional attachment for the end consumer. Citrus flavored juices and drinks in particular remain a favorite throughout the world. Consumers are demanding higher quality and authenticity in the juice products they purchase. We work hard to remain at the forefront of the latest regulatory and market trends. Doing so keeps our flavor development process in constant motion whereby we continuously fine-tune the delicate balance of the citrus ingredients used in our flavor systems.


The Florida Worldwide Citrus Approach to providing our customers with the right flavor package.


Access + Knowledge = Success! Being located in the heart of the Florida citrus processing region, we are ensured a consistent supply of raw materials specifically selected for exclusive use in our flavor division.


The orange, in particular consists of numerous fractions making this fruit so versatile and unique. The three key attributes utilized in citrus flavor development are aroma, peel and juice fractions. Both extensive expertise and passion for identifying the correct balance of these three major categories is needed to develop a successful flavor.


Restoration We understand the Fresh Squeezed blueprint of the complex citrus juices. By understanding what was lost or damaged during the juice concentration process, we know what needs to be added back. Furthermore, we exclusively utilize FTNF components ensuring that the authenticity of the juice is properly maintained.


Partnership Flavor development is not a one size fits all exercise. A customized approach should be taken to ensure that the final flavor encompasses the specific attributes desired by our customers. Variables such as packaging type (Tetra-Pak, PET, Glass), filling process and geographic origin of the juice must all be considered during the development process. Often times, we develop flavors on an exclusive basis for our customers, giving them assurance that the flavor profile remains a unique part of their branded juice.


Popularity of citrus soars with consumers

Emerging varietals, new flavor combinations reinvent citrus By Elizabeth Fuhrman August 15,2012 Orange, lemon and lime were three of the top flavors used by beverage formulators last year, according to Beverage Industry's 2012 New Product...




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