What are Fresh Squeezed Flavors...


Natures perfection.


That's how a fresh, ripe, hand picked fruit is best described. Now imagine a juicy fresh fruit freshly squeezed into your glass each morning. That's Fresh Squeezed juice without question. So why the need for flavors? Well, for starters not all juices are Not From Concentrate (NFC) which means they must be from concentrate, and thus at some stage subjected to various heat and cold treatments, whereby key flavor and aroma notes are lost or damaged. When reconstituted, the result is still 100% juice, but some help is needed, and in many instances required, in giving the juice its original identity blueprint again.


Restorations flavors and Aromas are specifically developed to "Restore" a juice back to its original taste and aroma profile. Furthermore, successful flavors provide a brand with its own unique identity in the market place, one that is thus not easily duplicated.


Restoration is best accomplished by using truly FTNF (From The Named Fruit) flavor packages.

Key FTNF Flavor Benefits:


  • Complies with latest EC Regulations and A.I.J.N. Code of practice for flavoring 100% natural juices.
  • Highly concentrated flavors can lower the final cost-in-use per finished liter of juice.
  • Extended shelf life of finished juice due to the presence of natural antioxidants in flavors.
  • All-in-One integrated addback system.
  • No labeling declaration required.


Popularity of citrus soars with consumers

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