Citrus Oils

We are located in the heart of the Florida citrus growing region, giving us first hand access to fine quality Florida orange and grapefruit oils. The Valencia oil in particular is known for its fresh, juicy aroma and used extensively in Fresh Squeezed flavor systems. Most of the Florida orange crop is processed into juice, which translates into a steady supply of cold pressed oils (essential) oils.

By maintaining a steady inventory, utilizing global sourcing, and on-site capability to standardize material to specific qualifications, we are confident that we can serve your particular product and volume needs.

Essence oils are recovered during the concentration process of the fruit and serve as key contributors to imparting the floral, fresh and juicy notes when added back to juices. The primary flavor attribute found in essence oils is Esters.

For the orange in particular, the essence oil consists of an extensive portfolio of valuable flavor compounds that when used in combination with peely components, delivers a well-rounded and complete representation of the fruit.

We also offer low pesticide (Agricultural Residue) oils for servicing A/R sensitive applications.

Citrus Oils:

Cold Pressed Oils


  •  Orange - Florida - Aldehyde: 1% -1.5%
  •  Orange - Brazil - Aldehyde: 1.2% -1.3%
  •  Orange - Low Pesticide
  •  White Grapefruit - Florida: .05% - .30% Nootkatone
  •  Pink Grapefruit Oil - Florida: .05% - .30% Nootkatone
  •  White Grapefruit Oil - Low Pesticide
  •  Pink Grapefruit Oil - Low Pesticide
  •  Lemon Oil - Mexico
  •  Lemon Oil - Argentina - Low Pesticide
  •  Lime Oil

Essence Oils:


  •  Orange Essence Oil - Florida
  •  Orange Essence Oil - Brazil
  •  Grapefruit Essence Oil - Florida: 0.40% -1.00% Nootkatone
  •  Grapefruit Essence Oil - Blended Origin


d-Limonene / Terpenes:


  •  Food Grade d-Limonene - Brazil
  •  Technical Grade d-Limonene - Florida
  •  Orange Terpenes - Florida
  •  Lemon Terpenes


Pack Sizes:

5 US Gallon Pail (35 Ibs / 16 kg net)
55 US Gallon Drum (390 Ibs / 177 kg net)
Less Than Truckload & Less Than Container Load
Full Truckload & Full Container Load (80 Drums)
Tanker Load (40,000-45,000 Ibs)

Crop Seasons


Popularity of citrus soars with consumers

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