Concentrated oils are obtained during the folding process of single fold oils. During this process terpenes are separated making the "folded' oil now more efficient from a flavoring standpoint.



  •  Cold Pressed 5 Fold Orange Oil - Aldehyde: 4% - 4.5%
  •  Cold Pressed 10 Fold Orange Oil -Aldehyde: 6.5%+
  •  Cold Pressed 5 Fold Lemon Oil
  •  Cold Pressed 5 Fold Lime Oil
  •  Cold Pressed 5 Fold Grapefruit Oil
  •  Cold Pressed 10 Fold Grapefruit Oil

Key Benefits:


  •  Lower transport cost since large portion of non-value components
  • (such as terpenes) have been removed.
  •  Better price stability compared to single strength oils.
  •  Better heat stability than single strength oils
  •  Longer shelf life due to removal of oxygenating compounds


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