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Our Philosophy

We Are Here To Serve You.

Our top priority is to maximize our clients’ experience by focusing on human interaction rather than distant and out of touch service.  As part of our boutique-style approach to business, we want to create an exceptional and flavorful experience that keeps customers coming back for more.

We Are customer focused.

We are in business to serve our customers well. Florida Worldwide Citrus is the premier artisan who crafts the highest quality ingredients to create innovative flavor profiles and provide you with the highest-quality products. Our innovation is the ingredient your brand needs to grow and thrive,

How we do it

We watch our Footprint.

We believe that all living things deserve to be treated with care and respect, including our planet. We pride ourselves on our ethical business practices and go great lengths to protect the environment. This is why we are committed to support citrus greening research at the Citrus Research and Education Center (CREC) at the University of Florida.

We only consider highest quality.

Our highest quality ingredients help you produce exceptional customer experiences that keep your clients coming back for repeat purchases. We are proud to uphold our promises of quality and safety to our customers by maintaining numerous certifications as evidence of our dedication to protecting and serving consumers of the food and beverage industry. Our certifications include SQF Level II, Kosher, Organic, and Food grade.

We Appreciate Convenience.

We utilize a parallel approach when offering a product to a customer, in which we provide all necessary documents along with the representative sample. This ensures all parties have the appropriate information to make their decision simultaneously. We store all records, associated regulatory paperwork, and retain samples for a minimum of 12 months. This enables us to provide instant feedback and analysis for our customers using our full-scale, on-site lab.

We Take Care Of It All.

Many of our value added ingredients used in our formulations are produced on site utilizing two vacuum distillation columns. This ensures that we have complete control over the quality and availability of our specialty ingredients. Our grove-to-flavor approach provides us the highest level of consistency to minimize price volatility. Our in-house logistics team is ready to answer any of our clients’ questions regarding their shipment’s track and delivery updates either domestically or globally.

Why We Do It

We share your vision.

We share our clients’ passion in delivering natural and sustainable ingredient solutions to the global consumer community. Our team strives for excellence every day to ensure efficiency, quality, and integrity with each product we make and ship to our clients. We commit ourselves to sourcing, developing, and producing 100% natural ingredients. Our expectations are met when yours are exceeded.

We partner in profitability and success.

The art of better flavors start with Florida Worldwide Citrus. Our innovate product solutions help you craft the flavors that grow your bottom line and market share. We want to provide the best-in-class ingredients to ensure your complete satisfaction.

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