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At Florida Worldwide Citrus, we are proud to offer tolling services to you. Our convenient location, available equipment and resources, and expertise allow for a smooth and comfortable experience for our clients.
Please contact us with your tolling needs and we will be happy to help.

We are equipped to off-load tankers of raw citrus materials at our facility into our holding tanks. The materials are then drummed off into UN rated industry standard 55 Gallon drums to the weight specified by the customer. Included in this service is palletizing, banding, and labeling.

Utilizing our expertise and valuable input from the customer, Florida Worldwide Citrus is equipped to “blend to spec” a variety of citrus oils. We understand the difficulties of meeting tight specifications for your customer, so our full scale on-site lab will ensure accuracy and quality in every step of the process.

Florida Worldwide Citrus offers personalized distillation services at our SQF Certified facility utilizing a fully trained staff ensuring that the highest quality standards are met. Using the customer supplied specifications we first perform a trial run on the Pilot still and verify via GC/MS. After this run is approved we scale up to our 10 Drum still for the final run. Our primary service is folding and the fee structure is based on volume. We are equipped to handle large volumes however, we also service customers looking for smaller volumes as well.

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